Sunday, 4 February 2018

Naqeebullah Murder: Police attack a house in Islamabad looking for Rao Anwar

ISLAMABAD: A group of Sindh police attacked a house in Islamabad to capture outlaw cop Rao Anwar as three-day due date of Supreme Court to secure him lapsed today.

Police sources said the law implementers directed the assault at a house situated in Sector F/10, be that as it may, no capture was made as the outlaw cop was absent in the house.

Sindh police group was helped by Islamabad police.

A posted engraved as 'needed/absconder' looking for data about whereabouts of Rao Anwar had additionally been posted outside the specified house.

Rao Anwar keeps on sidestepping the law implementation offices attacking urban areas.

A Sindh Police group, drove by SSP Zulfiqar Mehr, alongside work force of insight offices likewise attacked the Sindh House and a neighborhood inn in Islamabad, in the purview of the Secretariat Police to capture the suspended officer however he couldn't be captured on Monday.

In the interim, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that on the issue of Rao Anwar a request panel was constituted which gave its report inside 48 hours and on the suggestions of the board of trustees move was made in evident letter and soul.

This he said while conversing with media soon after propelling European Union-helped `Programme for Improved Nutrition in Sindh' at a nearby lodging Tuesday.

Answering to an inquiry, the main pastor said that he doesn't know where Rao Anwar is covered up yet "I realize that no blamed is more intense than the law." He included the police were endeavoring to capture him [Rao Anwar] for which all other common governments and organizations have been asked for to help

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